I am a UX designer and software developer.

I design and create meaningful conversations between

users and technology


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After graduating, I followed my passion for working as a software developer in non-profit organizations, with an ambition to make positive impacts on public services and education. However, although I built the functional products as required, I had no idea how my users would interact with my products. The users weren’t involved in the whole development process, and no resources were allocated to user experience design in most of the non-commercial projects. As a result, I wasn’t satisfied with the products I created. So I asked myself, how could I, a developer, continue to pursue my ambitions?

That was why I decided to extend my knowledge and become an interaction designer. I strive to deliver technology- and user-focused products that solve real-world problems. I am eager to create engaging and meaningful conversations between users and products.

This is my journey:

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